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Case Study #9 “Building an HR Vision”

Interim Leadership, Linking HR to organizational vision

Situation: A large firm with manufacturing locations throughout the US had grown through multiple acquisitions. The HR group knew there were issues with HR services and a need to develop a more consistent and cohesive culture within the company. It had to review its internal procedures aggressively, and now needed to find out what the ‘customers’ (employees) thought of their current practices.

Action: Working with the HR staff, Dave developed an employee survey to meet the HR department’s needs. The survey was developed and administered, and results were reported on a very aggressive timeline for completion. Additionally, site visits were made to meet with participants anonymously to ensure the validity of our data interpretation.

Result: HR now had a clear focus on site and organizational differences. Priorities could be set quickly on which service or process improvement would produce the greatest value for employees and HR. Data was now available to demonstrate the consistency of change with actual employee needs.