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Case Study #10 “Focused leadership transition”

Accelerating Leadership Transition–Linking HR to organizational vision

Situation: A newly appointed President/CEO of a service organization realized immediately the size of the problem upon taking the leadership.  Though large and well respected, the organization had no structure or sense of teamwork, direct reports were working in opposite directions, services were in need of serious attention, and the organization was being pulled into diverse directions without any sense of how it would accomplish anything.

Action: Dave provided one/one leadership transition consulting. Using the ten success strategies articulated by Michael Watkins as the foundation, Dave helped the client to stay focused on maximizing the time in transition. Moving toward a team focused on services, and not getting sidetracked on lesser operational issues.

Result: In an incredibly short time, the management team is moving forward as a team. New ideas are flowing, operational problems are being solved at the right level, budgets have commitment, and the senior team is focused and engaged on the organizational growth, not insular personal goals.