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Talent Acquisition


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Achieving your organization’s goals calls for new talent and skill in a key position. Managing from “inside your organization”, Dave will translate your needs into an executable recruiting plan and deliver the talent in timely and cost effective manner.

Case Studies

A recruiting strategy to meet organizational needs

Situation:  After 24 years in creating and growing the organization, the Executive Director announced to the Board of Directors that she would be stepping down.

Action:  The transition committee of the board enlisted Dave’s help in finding a new Executive Director.

Dave guided the board through a process of planning and executing a recruiting strategy.  A timetable was established, with identified actions and responsibilities.  Dave managed to the process, so that committee members were responsible for decisions through out.

Result: One week ahead of schedule, the full Board of Directors unanimously approved the selection of the transition committee members.  All members were appreciative of the on-time and open process used to find the replacement. New links were developed with the community serviced and the full board is more engaged in the organizational goals.

Keeping the Beds Open

Situation: Nurses are the life blood of a hospital, without RN’s…beds can not be opened for patients.  A community hospital with a great reputation had lost its ability to recruit effectively.

Action: Dave brought order where there was none.  Once engaged in the assignment, Dave saw that the supporting systems and practices for hiring RN’s was counter productive. Dave got the Nursing Management to agreed to a process change and timely response to candidates. An outreach by Dave to those who were in the candidate database, and normal posting practices produced sufficient candidate flow to meet hiring needs, without agency fees.  Adding urgency, prompt response, and professional treatment  to these candidates through out the process produced hiring success.

Result: In an incredibly short time, the hiring rate for RN’s had moved from 1.8/week to 3.4/week with no significant increase in cost.  Beds remained open and overtime was set to decrease as trained RN’s were now added to staffing and rotations throughout all floors and specialties of the hospital.

Rapid growth technology manufacturer

Situation:  A rapidly expanding manufacturer in Central New Hampshire had just promoted its Recruiter.  It needed to fill expanding vacancies to keep up with expanding sales, but also was in the process of evaluating its expectations for HR going into the future.

Action:  Staring with day one, and continuing for six months, Dave maintained and expanded the current practices for recruiting and hiring. 

Results: Dave was able to help the client firm to:

  • Fill over 50 positions with external candidates, ranging from Assembler to Plasma Engineer, to Director of Internal Audit
  • Identify and establish different recruiting strategies for 6 separate job groups
  • Establish the selection criteria for an Applicant Tracking System
  • Expand national applicant search tools
  • Centralize application acceptance practices
  • Create hiring metrics, consistent with business hiring strategies

Though an interim assignment, systems and processes were streamlined, allowing the client to exceed the hiring volume of the previous year, and plan for more effective recruiting approaches and systems.