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Interim Leadership


Accelerating Leadership Transition

Interim Leadership

Linking HR to Organizational Vision

Talent Acquisition


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Proven and proportional needed interim HR leadership to accomplish current HR programs and projects while your organization moves ahead during a short-term absence in the HR leadership. Dave can provide the HR business partner background to provide effective interim management, consistent with organizational goals and practices.


Case Studies

A New Corporation

Situation: A team of satellite communications engineers needed to form a corporation and become an employer of their then contractor staff. None of the partners had experience of leading a company with employees, and there was no CFO in the organization.

Action: Dave worked with two lead engineers on the team to strategize and then deliver both a) the legally mandated and b) optional insurances and HR practices.  Leveraging a network of knowledgeable professionals, Dave established criteria for both services and vendor selection.

Results: Working seamlessly with the leaders, Dave completed the evaluation, selection, and implementation of:

  • Payroll Service,
  • Benefits,
  • HR policy manual,
  • HR administrative practices manual
  • On-time conversion of all consultant contractors to employees.

 HR-ROI Solutions facilitated the conversion to employer status a technology driven team, with a full benefits package, size appropriate HR policies, without costly over-runs or loss of focus on the real goal…satellite communication.

Fast growth national service organization

Situation: A fast-growing service company with employees in 17 states had experienced significant turnover in HR leadership to the point that HR had become an obstacle, not a partner, to the business leaders.

Action: Dave stabilized the situation by taking an immediate and active role in solving ongoing HR issues. Concurrently, Dave identified critical areas of improvement and began to initiate changes necessary to move forward after the assignment ended.


  • The Payroll function, covering 17 states, began the planning process to move into a national account status with the payroll vendor
  • A first-ever AAP received a letter of compliance from the OFCCP
  • The HR function was moved to larger quarters
  • HR practices were reviewed and a legally compliant upgrade of procedures was initiated for home and field locations
  • A benefit review was conducted to identify strengths and prioritize issues

 During Dave’s interim leadership, the HR function experienced a stability it had not ever experienced in the firm, projects were done to establish a better administrative foundation for HR within the firm, and the organization experienced the value of HR contributions to its growth and goals.

Rapid growth technology manufacturer

Situation:  A rapidly expanding manufacturer in Central New Hampshire had just promoted its Recruiter.  It needed to fill expanding vacancies to keep up with expanding sales, but also was in the process of evaluating its expectations for HR going into the future.

Action:  Staring with day one, and continuing for six months, Dave maintained and expanded the current practices for recruiting and hiring. 

Results: Dave was able to help the client firm to:

  • Fill over 50 positions with external candidates, ranging from Assembler to Plasma Engineer, to Director of Internal Audit
  • Identify and establish different recruiting strategies for 6 separate job groups
  • Establish the selection criteria for an Applicant Tracking System
  • Expand national applicant search tools
  • Centralize application acceptance practices
  • Create hiring metrics, consistent with business hiring strategies

Though an interim assignment, systems and processes were streamlined, allowing the client to exceed the hiring volume of the previous year, and plan for more effective recruiting approaches and systems.

Building an HR Vision

Situation: A large firm with manufacturing locations throughout the US had grown through multiple acquisitions. The HR group knew there were issues with HR services and a need to develop a more consistent and cohesive culture within the company. It had to review its internal procedures aggressively, and now needed to find out what the ‘customers’ (employees) thought of their current practices.

Action: Working with the HR staff, Dave developed an employee survey to meet the HR department’s needs. The survey was developed and administered, and results were reported on a very aggressive timeline for completion. Additionally, site visits were made to meet with participants anonymously to ensure the validity of our data interpretation.

Result: HR now had a clear focus on site and organizational differences. Priorities could be set quickly on which service or process improvement would produce the greatest value for employees and HR. Data was now available to demonstrate the consistency of change with actual employee needs.