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Accelerating Leadership Transition


Accelerating Leadership Transition

Interim Leadership

Linking HR to Organizational Vision

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“Sink or Swim!”

A great punch line, but not a proven approach to accelerate your new leader’s impact. One on one, your new leader and Dave. In a mentoring relationship to help the newly hired/promoted to understand, develop, and accelerate personal effectiveness in leadership and team transition. Your key leader will decrease time in the learning curve, accelerating time to contribution.


Case Studies

Focused leadership transition

Situation: A newly appointed President/CEO of a service organization realized immediately the size of the problem upon taking the leadership.  Though large and well respected, the organization had no structure or sense of teamwork, direct reports were working in opposite directions, services were in need of serious attention, and the organization was being pulled into diverse directions without any sense of how it would accomplish anything.

Action: Dave provided one/one leadership transition consulting. Using the ten success strategies articulated by Michael Watkins as the foundation, Dave helped the client to stay focused on maximizing the time in transition. Moving toward a team focused on services, and not getting sidetracked on lesser operational issues.

Result: In an incredibly short time, the management team is moving forward as a team. New ideas are flowing, operational problems are being solved at the right level, budgets have commitment, and the senior team is focused and engaged on the organizational growth, not insular personal goals.

Building for leadership transition

Situation: A Fast growing high-tech organization was growing faster than its employee resources. In field locations, managers were chosen on ‘availability and assumptions’, not criteria.

Action: Dave spearheaded a field Management Assessment Center.  Potential managers were brought in , went through a series of observed exercises, and given an assessment.  This assessment by selected regional managers became the foundation of mentoring assignments that the district managers could follow and coach their employees to prepare for management.

Result: In an incredibly short time, it became a win-win for all. A prepared pool of candidates was developed and employees knew how they could prepare for a new career opportunity.

Learning while doing

Situation: A new Director had been hired for HR, but a ‘sink or swim’ approach was not supporting the organizational transition in leadership.

Action: In addition to his interim staffing assignment on site, Dave provided a learned ear for the new Director. Daily he met with him to discuss operational issues, goal setting, and progress on goals.  Staff behaviors were now assessed compared to standards and expectations.

Dave brought order where there was none. The Director now had the ‘mentor’ in Dave that was needed to facilitate an effective transition. Issues and ideas were discussed, measured against experiences and organization needs; resulting in priority setting. Staff stopped ‘passing the monkey’ to the Director.  Staff were now managed to meet the responsibilities assigned to each.

Result: What could have been a failed new hire orientation/on-boarding, became a success in accelerating this leadership transition.