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Contact Dave Kourtz
Tel: 617-851-9599
Email: dave.kourtz@hr-roi.net

Dave brings what you want in a consultant……

A career that has been enriched by both broad and deep experiences within HR, that spanned 6 industries, has produced a wealth of experiences to know the landmines and seek the right approach to achieve results through people.


Time….it takes time to mature. Once realized, maturity brings the strength to draw for experiences, apply the current tools, avoid the non-critical and produce meaningful results.


Your personal network. Leverage your network. But it’s not just the number of followers on Facebook/Twitter/Linked In…It’s the PEOPLE that you can call, contact, connect with and LEVERAGE their combined knowledge that makes the difference in gaining timely results!


Dave brings with him the unrivaled expertise, wisdom, and professional relationships of over 30 year career that will ensure a successful engagement in solving and moving your business issues forward.

His expertise has been enriched by both broad and deep experiences as a true business partner in Human Resources, spanning six industries. Beginning his career in Compensation, he added real accomplishments in the specialties of Recruiting, Employee Relations, Legal Compliance, HR Systems, Staff Development, and Union Relations. His engagements and testimonials range from small local entrepreneurial to large multi-nationals, and the many variations of employers in between.


Review the case studies. Talk to a testimonial reference. If your ‘results’ happen through engaged employees…talk to Dave

  Results.....It's what Dave is all about